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Many will have come across Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in the workplace, where it has become a personality test used globally, seeking to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of different personality types in leadership and within teams.

Although it is often used in a fairly superficial way by organisations, there are many deep insights within it, originating from the thinking of the eminent psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Carl Jung believed that each of us have a set of preferences which shape the way we engage with the world, gather information and make decisions.

There are 16 personality types, all of which have equal value and importance.

Although each type has potential strengths and weaknesses Jung's premise was that we all have the potential to become our 'best possible selves".

Gaining insights into the dynamics of these differences within relationships can be helpful to couples who are experiencing conflict.


Couples are often drawn to each other because they possess differences which they might initially find exciting or comforting, a helpful balance to aspects of their own personality.

Over time, these differences can become a source of tension and resentment and drive couples apart.

Instead of attempting to change one another, MBTI offers a language in which to see personality differences in a positive, constructive light.

It can provide highly practical help with communication issues.


I work with Sue Cartwright, a qualified MBTI Practitioner accredited by OPP in 2005. Sue comes from a leadership consultancy background, where she has used MBTI over the past decade in many organisations. I have referred some couples to Sue, where appropriate, and she has enabled them to understand each other through a clearer lens. The work with Sue is combined with the therapeutic process that a couple are working on with me. This can then provide for the couple a foundation for containing differences and attend to each other's fundamental needs more meaningfully.

If you have experienced MBTI in your workplace and found it helpful then embarking on Couple Therapy combined with Sue Cartwright may be helpful.

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